Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts- How much are they this year?

For four decades, PNC has calculated the expenses of the twelve gifts referenced in the popular holiday song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The increase in the annual Christmas Price Index┬« (PNC CPI) this year is primarily due to rising labor costs, which reflect the health of the US economy.

The 12 contributions that comprise the PNC CPI have increased to $46,729.86 this year, a 2.6% increase over 2022.

Amanda Agati, PNC’s Asset Management Group’s chief investment officer, stated that factors such as the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes and slower economic growth in some major global economies, among other economic influences, have contributed to a lower PNC CPI compared to recent years.

Some industries are suffering more persistent inflation than others, which is outside of the Federal Reserve’s control. On the plus side, earnings are currently expanding faster than the PNC CPI, which should help people enjoy the holiday season, particularly given the current high inflation climate.

Five of the presents had no price increases this year: the Four Calling Birds, Five Gold Rings, Seven Swans-A-Swimming, Eight Maids-A-Milking, and Nine Ladies Dancing. While the price of the Partridge remained constant, the price of the Pear Tree increased by 15%, indicating that home expenses are growing despite the highest mortgage rates since 2000.

Although the prices of some items on the list did not rise, wages for skilled labor, as represented by the performers in the song, have risen, hurting Christmas budgets. While the cost of Nine Ladies Dancing remained stable, the cost of Ten Lords-a-Leaping, Eleven Pipers Piping, and the Twelve Drummers Drumming increased, with performers’ prices increasing by 3.3% this year, much less than the 14.6% increase last year.

If you were to buy all 364 of the products referenced repeatedly in the song, it would cost you $201,972.66 this year, a 2.6% increase over previous year and the first time it has surpassed the $200,000 mark.

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